Esatta Warp

After several years of study and research, Saspe is now glad to introduce its brand-new machine “Esatta Warp” featuring a worldwide innovative and revolutionary concept of shearing. This machine can split and shear loops and floating yarn into warp in one single step. Up until now warp cutting technology has only seen discontinuous, old-fashioned, slow, imprecise, unreliable and very expensive systems which have severely limited design creation and application due to these configuration. The main innovation offered by “Esatta Warp” is a revolutionary system which allows “vertical” operation to the shearer so as to split and shear loops, residual yarn and hair towards the fabric sliding direction.

Saspe Warp Katalog

  • Splitting of loops into warp and shearing in one single step
  • Reduction in loss of material due to fabric shrinkage
  • Operation in continuous
  • Possibility of creating new loom patterns
  • Possibility of shearing both the front and the back side
  • Possibility of crosswise processing of fabrics