Nautilus Light

NAUTILUS Light is a system for the control of the production and it is dedicated to small-medium size production of hosiery and knitting business.

Dinema Nautilus Light Katalog

It is a specific IT system for centralized management of production, suitable to optimize processes and allow the improvement of production efficiency. This IT system is a direct replacement of the data collected so far by hand made by employees, by spread sheets with their processing and by first-generation software able to process small amounts of data.

By using NAUTILUS Light you can get benefits on the production since you will have the full traceability of production and quality control and, thanks to the data thus collected, we will be able to provide timely information on trends and corrections to be made to optimize processes, saving time and money.

Specifically, the computer system NAUTILUS Light offers:

  • Connection via electronic boards designed ad hoc to all machines for socks and hosiery of Lonati Group;
  • Connection, via external MDS device, to sewing, ironing, packing and knitting & socks machines not only made by the Group (subject to technical verification by DINEMA);
  • Possibility to connect to the system NAUTILUS Light up to 70 machines;
  • Collection of production data in real time;
  • Collection of the stops of the machine;
  • Calculation of the efficiencies of work and time of a single machine or a group or the whole room.