The positive elastane yarn feeder PLUS is manufactured by Dinema, which has long experience in the production of controlled devices with constant speed, for the supply of bare elastomers on circular machines, hosiery and the seamless machines.

Dinema Plus Katalog

PLUS is one of the most compact device currently on the market; the reduced dimensions allow for easy installation on any machine. The experience of Dinema in motor controls has allowed to realize an extremely precise that, thanks to the control of electric cam, ensures a final product with high quality.

PLUS, if coupled with YOYO for feeding the main yarn, can be programmed with the “plating bare elastomer” condition necessary to obtain high quality products. PLUS can be programmed with the graphic program DIG3 + on board (Lonati group machines equipped with CAN line).

PLUS maintains the compatibility with the programs and machines settings from previous devices “PYF” (Lonati group machines equipped with CAN line). Simplified connection through the preparation of CAN line wiring.

Main technical data PLUS:

  • Maximum dimensions (with arm rest position): 186 mm x 162 mmx 160 mm;
  • Supply voltage 24Vdc;
  • Maximum consumption: * 0.6 A (during normal operation) * 4 A (breakaway);
  • Range of operating temperature: + 10 ° … + 60 ° C;
  • Storage temperature: -25 ° … + 85 ° C;
  • Electronically yarn feder controlled with constant speed;
  • Max yarn speed: 700m / min;
  • Speed range: 0 – 5500rpm;
  • LFA function – Precise measurement of the yarn absorbed by machine;
  • Function to control the broken yarn with sensor integrated “Spyder Dinema”;
  • Two-colored Light guide, which allows you to quickly and easily identify the status of the power supply;
  • Installable on circular pantyhose machines, hosiery and seamless machines;
  • Bobin loading with the possibility of rotation to the right and to the left;
  • Plus XL version also available, whith double bobin.