PULSAR is a product made by Dinema and developed in collaboration with Santoni S.p.A. for the programming of seamless machines.

Dinema Pulsar Katalog

Using a new method of programming based on graphics, PULSAR simplifies the creation of complex articles produced by using a Santoni machine. In order to realize this operation is not required a specific knowledge of the machine by the user. The software will check the mechanical movements necessary for the production of the garment.

The main features of PULSAR are the reduction of the time necessary for manufacturing the item and the simplification of programming by the user. The way to design the textile items is revolutionized since the machine can produce the garment exactly as drawn by the user, allowing the latter to associate to the colours of the drawing the different combinations of mesh structures.

Through a process of analysis of the design, Pulsar is able to suggest to the user the optimal threading of the machine and to produce the correct program for the realization of the desired item. This program will be fully compatible and editable with the Digraph 3+.