Shearing Esatta

ESATTA is composed by one or two overlapped modules. Each one is a complete shearing machine and according to its configuration it is able to cut one front only of the fabric and one back, or two fronts. The machines can be configured in line up to the desired number of cuts. It is also possible to have one shearing module on the upper part of a single drum BLANKA raising machine. The main machine functions are perfectly controlled and reproducible to guarante an easy job for the operator with all the parameters which are easily and industrially reproducible.

Saspe Esatta Katalog

  • Machine capability to control and manage in real time and continuously the set tension values and to react automatically for the necessary adjustments,
  • Guarantee of an even, correct and reproducible fabric tension during the entire shearing processes and especially during the seam passage
  • Driving motors immediate speed reaction avoiding late adjustments caused by other systems