YOYO device performs the control of yarn feeding in the textile machines (large diameter, seamless, hosiery and flat knitting machines) using a programmed weight.

Dinema Yoyo Katalog

The control system, based on a high performance sensor and motor, can be programmed to set up and maintain the yarn with different tensions, according to the specific manufacturing and to the different types of yarn.

YOYO has been studied to completely integrate itself in the textile machines, with graphics systems of programming and management & control systems, allowing the user to exploit its full potential. YOYO device can be equipped with different accessories to increase its potential and meet the most varied type of manufacturing.

Suitable control devices allow to install YOYO feeders both onto new and old generation machines, even on machines of different manufacturers.

Main technical data YOYO:

  • Dimensions: about 145 x 80 x 70 mm;
  • Weight: 400 g;
  • Tension: programmable from 0,5 to 50 g;
  • Weight resolution: 0,1 g;
  • Motor speed: up to 8’000 rpm;
  • Yarn feeding speed: up to 1’500 m/min;
  • Power supply: 24;
  • Vdc LFA function on the machine or in YOBox